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SAI Webinar

Venkatesh Murthy, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology Harvard University

How do you sense the world? How do you remember things? How do you sing, play or even just walk? How do you think? Of course, you do all of this with your brain, which has been called the most complex machine in the world. Who you are as a person is largely a function of the brain, from a scientific point of view. This also means that when something goes wrong with the brain there are devastating consequences to the individual as well as society. Naturally, how the brain works is one of the most exciting questions in the world. Professor Murthy will discuss how the study of neuroscience has implications not just for doctors in the clinic, but also for psychologists, educators, computer scientists, musicians, tennis players and just about everyone. He will discuss how the field is incredibly interdisciplinary, and how a student with almost any background can hope to make meaningful contributions to the field. He will also highlight some of the most exciting research topics in neuroscience.

8:30 AM in Cambridge, 5:30 PM in Pakistan, 6 PM in India, 6:30 PM in Sri Lanka, & Bangladesh

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