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Funding Resources

The South Asia Institute offers a number of funding opportunities for students both in the South Asia Region and on-campus.

South Asia Funding Opportunities:

Research and internship grants are offered to Harvard University graduate students and Harvard college undergraduate students (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) to be used either during the winter session (J-Term) or over the summer.

Which grant opportunity should you apply for?

Research Grants:Research grants are awarded to students pursuing field research on specific topics that could contribute to a thesis or dissertation or if the applicant has done preliminary work on the topic. Individual independent research will be considered if the above requirements are fulfilled. SAI grants must be used within the next academic year.


Internship Grants: Internship grants are awarded to students who choose to work with specific organizations on a project developed by either the organization or in collaboration with the internship-site. Students can either work with an organization of their choice or choose from the SAI partner organizations for internship opportunities.

Language Grants: Language grants are awarded to students who choose to pursue an intensive study of a South Asian language. Students can choose to either study the language independently or through an institution.


Students from across the university are welcome to apply, but must be continuing at Harvard the following academic year.


On-Campus Resources: 

Student Group Grants: The Asia-related centers at Harvard University offer grants to undergraduate and graduate student organizations for projects relating to individual countries or spanning multiple countries in Asia. These grants are offered on an ongoing basis; however, organizations are encouraged to apply as early as possible as funds are limited.


Graduate Student Associate Fellowship/Funding: The goal of the SAI Graduate Student Associates is to establish a community of peers to support original and independent research on South Asia by doctoral students at Harvard. Each Graduate Associate is awarded a research stipend, and offered a desk space and computer as space permits, on the 4th floor of the CGIS South Building. SAI invites proposals in any discipline or field in South Asian Studies and encourages work in/on all of South Asia as well as the study of South Asia in larger connective contexts.