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Looking Back, Informing the Future: The 1947 Partition of British India

Essays and News

The Partition team has written several papers on their work, and the project has been highlighted in numerous news outlets. Read more from the team below.


The Big March: Migratory Flows After the Partition of India, in Economic and Political Weekly, by P. Bharadwaj and A. Mian
The Partition of India: Demographic Consequences, in International Migration, by P. Bharadwaj and A. Mian
Crowdsourcing Memories: Mixed Methods Research by Cultural Insiders-Epistemological Outsiders, in Academy of Management Perspectives, by T. Khanna, K. Lakhani, S. Bhadada, N. Khan, S.K. Davé, R. Alam, and M. Hewett
The Demographic Impact of Partition in the Punjab in 1947, in Population Studies, by K. Hill, W. Seltzer, J. Leaning, S.J. Malik, and S.S. Russell

In the News

Looking Back, Informing the Future: The 1947 Partition of British India, by Tarun Khanna
Partition Project Moves Forward with In-Region Meetings, by the Mittal Institute
“Social” Media: How Old Newspapers Help Us Understand Partition, by Nabil Khan
Looking Back, Informing the Future: Reflections on Partition, by Apoorva Gupta
A Paean to Learning to “See” and the 1947 Partition, by the Mittal Institute
Unraveling the Partition’s History Through First-Person Stories, by the Mittal Institute
Getting to the Why of British India’s Bloody Partition, by the Harvard Gazette
Seven Podcasts that Highlight the Pain of India’s Partition, by the Indian Express