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Mayanka is a demographer with an academic background in Economics and an interest in Sociology and Health Sciences. She has a Ph.D. in Population Studies from the International Institute for Population Sciences in Mumbai. Broadly she works on health and economic aspects of the ageing community spanning over public health priorities for the aged and their social epidemiology. She aims to find a link across these stratified research ideas i.e. financial funding of health care, health care utilization, inter generational relationships, health behaviours and health outcomes of the elderly.

During her PhD, she explored the economic burden on households caused by Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases, ranging from catastrophic expenditure to consumption insurance among families for health shocks. She will extend a part of this research  to study how the affordability of health services impacts care utilization for chronic diseases among the elderly.

During the fellowship, Mayanka aims to understand how accessibility, affordability, adequacy (quality) of health services and social capital influences health care utilisation among older adults and its socio-economic inequality. Mayanka will be mentored by Professor S.V. Subramanian.

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