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MIT-Harvard-IIT Initiative for Focused Learning

In the domain of higher education in science and technology, India and the United States have two pressing needs.

India has several outstanding institutions for higher education that provide world-class training in numerous disciplines. However, many of the more recent domains of research are not adequately represented in their programs. This limits their students’ opportunities for pursuing higher studies in these areas and, more broadly, India’s ability to have an impact on cutting-edge research.

The United States has several outstanding young researchers, typically at the post-doctoral level, who have excellent training in specialized research fields, but have not had opportunities for teaching and mentoring students. This greatly limits their training as well-rounded scientists with good teaching and communication skills.  


‘Resonance’ signifies the synergy between the needs of two countries.

In summer 2013, 25 highly talented students from across India were chosen following a highly competitive selection process to participate in a two-week immersion workshop hosted in India that allowed them to explore some of the most exciting research topics in neuroscience.

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