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DeCoding Asia Conference Schedule









Capture1Friday October 28, 2016



09:00 Introduction
Rahul Mehrotra, South Asia Institute
Farooq Ameen, A+D Museum

09:30 Keynote: Mediating Urbanization: Megaform Into Landform and Vice Versa
Kenneth Frampton

10:30 Definition: Situating the Asian City
Edward Glaeser  Triumph of the (Asian) City
Weiping Wu China’s Urban Transformation
Sarah Williams Ghost Cities – Beyond the Image
moderated by Kazi Ashraf

12:00 Lunch

01:00 Definition: Decoding the City
Peter G. Rowe  De-Coding East Asian Cities Around Matters of Form
Rahul Mehrotra  INDIA: Towards a Smart Urban Turn?
Qingyun Ma China’s Policy on Urbanism
moderated by Farooq Ameen

03:30 Coffee Break

04:00 Mediation: Responding to the City
Farooq Ameen  deCoding Asian Urbanism
Jennifer Yoos  Parallel Cities
Bimal Mendis  A Model for the City of 7 Billion
moderated by Kenneth Frampton

05:30 Keynote: Who owns the city?
Saskia Sassen

06:30 Reception


Saturday October 29, 2016


09:00 Welcome
Farooq Ameen, A+D Museum

09:15 Keynote: Experiencing the Code
Kulapat Yantrasast

10:00 Transformations 1: The Formal Response
Rafael Vinoly  TBD
Ken Yeang  Eco-Architecture and Eco-Masterplanning
Kashef Chowdhury   Consciousness Of Place
moderated by Rahul Mehrotra

12:00 Lunch

01:00 Transformations 2: Dense Ecology:The Premise of Dhaka
Kazi Khaleed Ashraf   A Theorem for a Liquid Urbanism
Anuradha Mathur   Dhaka in an Estuary
Stephen Kieran   Levittown Redux
moderated by Anita Berrizbeitia

03:00 Coffee Break

03:30 Transformations 3: The Sustainable Response
Kongjian Yu   The Sponge City Campaign in China
Jonathan D. Solomon  Hong Kong: Aformal Urbanism
Diana Balmori  Putting the City in Nature
moderated by Peter G. Rowe

05:30 Closing Discussion
Moderated by Rahul Mehrotra and Farooq Ameen