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Leading experts, policymakers, Harvard faculty and practitioners drawn from a variety of disciplines and from across the public and private sectors, including from civil society organizations, will convene in New Delhi on March 30-31, 2023, for the Mittal Institute’s inaugural workshop on climate change.  

This workshop comes as the Mittal Institute embarks on a major Climate Change Platform Initiative focused on South Asia, hosted at our New Delhi office. The platform encompasses research projects and training programs, as well as exchange fellowships for senior and junior scientists and policy makers. Our intention through this workshop is to identify key challenges in climate mitigation and adaptation, and to seek inputs on research and academic priorities for this collaborative Platform, as well as the South Asia region in the coming years. 

The workshop will include a launch event comprising keynotes and panels on the evening of March 30, and a series of thematic discussions setting collective research and policy priorities on March 31. Discussions will focus on the impact of and adaptations to extreme heat and rainfall, as well as on the technological and policy interventions required to facilitate an energy transition.  

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