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Speaker: Naveen Bharathi, Mittal Institute Raghunathan Family Fellow, 2019-2020

Moderator: Sai Balakrishnan, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Harvard Graduate School of Design

This presentation will show how residential caste-segregation is independent of city size, using the first-ever large-scale evidence of neighborhood-resolution data from 147 of the largest cities in contemporary India. Bharathi will discuss one of the central conundrums in Indian urbanism — the persistence of caste segregation across the country, and across cities of varying sizes. This finding punctures a hole in one of the central normative promises of India’s urbanization: the gradual withering of traditional caste-based segregation. The talk will provide further fine-grained evidence on the ghettoization of the most spatially marginalized groups in urban India: Muslims and Dalits.

Poster image: Photo: Mahesh Bhat from the book Bengaluru/Bangalore – In First Person Singular