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The recent revival of cinema in Pakistan has generated excitement and captured the imagination. A new generation of filmmakers ranging from the conventional to the experimental are exploring the possibilities of re-imagining family, friendship, love, the nation, and retelling ways of injustice and cruelty. Love, War and Other Longings is an invitation to come and participate in these new narrations, to explore their possibilities and examine their implications. What kind of future is this and what representations of the past does it require? What is being celebrated and who is being left out? By bringing film-makers, academics, activists and member of the public together we seek to generate a discussion that expands the potential for film-making in Pakistan, to foster this culture-industry in order to diversify and expand our imaginations, our empathy and our politics.

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Cosponsored by the Harvard Asia Center, Brown University Department of South Asian Studies, Harvard Arts and Humanities Division, and the Harvard Pakistan Student Group.