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In collaboration with Harvard’s Bow and Arrow Press, The Mittal Institute’s Artist in Residence Kabi Raj Lama will lead a three-hour demonstration and workshop on Japanese Woodcut Print-making.

The workshop will begin with Kabi Raj sharing his lithography and woodcut prints. He will discuss his print-making journey and then demonstrate how to make prints by hand using water-based inks and a special tool. After the tutorial, participants are invited to make their own print.

Kabi Raj Lama is a contemporary printmaker based in Kathmandu, who primarily works with lithography and the Japanese mokuhanga (woodcut) medium. His work examines themes of natural disasters, trauma and religion. Lama sees the complexities of natural disasters as multidimensional — affecting both tangible and intangible worlds.


This demonstration is free and open to the public.

Located at the corner of Bow St. and Arrow St. Adams B-Entry basement level.

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