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Ranu Ghosh, Documentary Director and Screenplay Writer

Jaya Bhagat, Edward S. Mason Fellow 2013, Harvard Kennedy School

Ajantha Subramanian, Professor, Social Anthropology Program, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

Quarter Number 4/11 is a ground zero perspective of urban real estate development, as witnessed by director/cinematographer Ranu Ghosh and narrated through the plight of an ex-factory worker Shambhu Prasad Singh, a victim of this development in Calcutta’s South City, a residential complex-cum-shopping mall-cum-school for the wealthy. It is about one man’s lone, long, losing fight to hold on to his ground where he was born, grew up and earned his living. It is the narrative of a man who is being forced to evacuate his ground to make space for ‘development’

Reception prior to Film Screening at 5:30 PM, Film begins at 6:00 PM