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Mumbai: Social Research & Urban Projections


Mumbai: Social Research & Urban Projections








Saturday March 4, 2017

Mumbai: Social Research & Urban Projections

09:00 Registration and Coffee

09:30 Symposium Introduction and Morning Session Framing
Rahul Mehrotra and Sai Balakrishnan


Morning Session: Urban Involution: Contemporary Critical Research on Mumbai

10:15 Panel 1: The Production of Informality
Sapana Doshi The Redevelopmental State: Remaking spaces of rule, inclusion, and dispossession in Mumbai and beyond
Vinit Mukhija
Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria Generative Conflict: Hawkers, evictions and public space in Mumbai

11:30 Coffee Break

11:45 Panel 2: From the Granular to the Regional
Nikhil Anand Breakdown as Beginning: On Maintenance and Invisibility in the Hydraulic City
Nikhil Rao
Ramya Ramanath Women Negotiating Place

1:00 Lunch Break
Lunch options nearby are Darwins, Broadway Cafe, and Ottos Pizza in Harvard Square

Afternoon Session: Regional Imaginaries: Speculations for Mumbai


02:00 Afternoon Session Framing
Peter Rowe The Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the Matter of Urban Form

02:30 Panel 3: The Politics of Location
Lisa Björkman Infrastructural Afterlives: Dwelling in world-class ruins at Mumbai’s urban edge
Vineet Diwadkar 50 Ways to Game a City: Loophole Planning in Contemporary Mumbai

03:45 Coffee Break


4:00 Panel 4: Mapping the Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Sai Balakrishnan Seeing Mumbai through its Hinterland: Infrastructure and Land Politics Across the Urban-rural Divide
Emilie Edelblutte Landscape and Political Ecology Approach for Long-Term Conservation of Leopards (Panthera pardus) in a Human-dominated Landscape, India


5:15 Closing Discussion
Rahul Mehrotra
Peter Rowe