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Soft Robotics Toolkit

Key Objectives

  • The kits aim to show students possible application of robotics: Grasping objects, Artificial muscles, as well as Locomotion.
  • To conceive of several kits to be utilized by educators and parents in India.
  • To inspire interest in STEM fields, as well as encourage creativity in education.
  • To finalize hardware for soft robotic gripper based on data collected from previous pilot tests.
  • To develop digital product (web-app) to enhance student and teacher learning.
  • To begin to establish partnerships with potential manufacturers who would be able to produce a small number of kits.
  • To finalize hardware and software for minimal viable product (MVP).
  • To perform beta test to demonstrate strong market pull.
  • To finalize project team to have expertise required for a start-up.
  • To establish relationships with potential investors and organizations for continued funding.