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Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program

Transforming the lives of low-income, first-in-family to college students.

Aspiring Minds Assessment

The AMCAT is a Computer Based Online Test comprising of of two rounds; Part 1 which is a Computer Based Online Assessment and Part 2 which is an Virtual Interview.

The assessment has the following basic requirements :

  • A Personal Computer/Laptop.
  • Calculator, Paper, and Pen
  • Smooth and uninterrupted Internet connectivity (throughout the testing session).

The assessment takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Browser/OS Requirements:

This Assessment is best supported by the below-listed Browsers/Versions only across desktop, laptop, tablet, Android, and iOS devices. 

    • Google Chrome (version 50 and above, the latest version is preferred)
    • Mozilla Firefox (version 50 and above, the latest version is preferred)
    • For iOS – Safari (version 11 and above, the latest version is preferred). 
    • In case you’re taking the test on Windows 8, make sure you use the latest version and disable all the popups/notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions


What score should I aim at to become a semi-finalist? 

There is no negative marking as all semi-finalists will be selected on a holistic basis

What happens if my test stops mid-way?

If somehow your test is stopped in between, (due to power failure/internet disconnection) wait for five minutes. You may login again using the same details. After entering the username and password click on Resume Incomplete Test 

Please ensure that you Resume Assessment within 24 hours of your test being stopped. (Please Resume the assessment only after 5 mins of halting the assessment)

When do I have take the test?

Once you receive your email about making it to this stage of the program, you’re encouraged to complete the test within the timeframe (usually one week) stated in your email.

I do not have a passport, what should I do?

You may use a random date to complete your passport expiration date and your current citizenship for ‘Citizenship as per my passport’ field

For any issues related to the Online Assessment, please refer to more FAQs or reach out to