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SAI 2013 Student Grant Recipients


Tyler Arnot, Masters Candidate, HGSE
The Estate Tamils of Sri Lanka

Alykahn Mohamed, Masters Candidate, GSD
Metabolism of a Pop-Up Megacity: Mapping the flows of commodities through the marketplaces of the 2013 Kumbh Mela

Corrina Mouche, Doctoral Candidate, HSPH
Reducing Maternal Mortality in Nepal: Identifying Effective

Neil Padukon, Masters Candidate, HKS
Mass Transit in Mumbai: Mumbai Metro

Nicolas Ross, Doctoral Candidate, GSAS
Trees at the Kumbh Mela: practices and discourses of trees and tree planting from a religious and environmental perspective

Viroopa Volla, Harvard College 2014
Thesis Research on Developmental Economics and Emerging Markets


Undergraduate Research Grant Awardees and Projects

Dipona Bandy, 2014
Transnational and National Approaches to Feminist Organizing around Sexual Violence in India

Benjamin Lamont, 2014
Indian foreign policy makers and decision making during 2008 Mumbai Attacks

Ada Lin, 2014
Excavating the Red Corridor: An Intellectual History of the Naxalite Movement

Hannah Morrill, 2014
Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative

Danielle Schulkin, 2014
Tracking Cybernetics in India in 1950s and 1960s

Paolo Singer, Fall 2013
The viability of post-industrial IT Economies in developing countries

Darshali Vyas, 2014
Analyzing community-based healthcare in rural Gujarat

Undergraduate Internship Grant Awardees and Organizations

Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, 2015
 VidyaGyan School – Noida, India

Tabata de Pontes, 2016
Mission Apollo – Pune, India

Michael Drumm, 2015
Harvard- Bangalore Science Initative, Bangalore, India

Marcelle Goggins, 2014
Taktse International School, Sikkim, India

Victoria Gu, 2015
Jana Care, Bangalore, India

Eva Harvey, 2014
Public Health Foundation of India,* Delhi, India

Muhammad Sarib Hussain, 2015
Interactive Research and Development, Karachi, Pakistan

Shengxi Li, 2015
Bangladesh Legal Aid & Services Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Corinne Maguire, 2015
Harvard- Bangalore Science Initative, Bangalore, India

David Sheynberg, 2016
Public Health Foundation of India,* Delhi, India

Bharath Venkatesh, 2016
Drishtee, Delhi, India

*These internships were cosponsored by SAI and the Harvard Institute of Politics Director’s Internship

Graduate Research Grant Awardees and Projects

Mou Banerjee, History, GSAS
The Baboo, the Bibi and the Padri Sahib: Christianity, Colonialism and the Creative World of Indian Intellectuals c. 1813-1907

Eric Dunipace, Global Health and Population, HSPH
Mapping Traffic Accidents in Bangladesh

Adoree Durayappah, Buddhism, Harvard Divinity School
Advanced Sinhala language and Sinhala Literature Study in Kandy, Sri Lanka

T. Brandon Evans, Film & Visual Studies, GSAS
Beginning-level Punjabi language instruction at American Institute of Indian Studies

Justin Fifield, Committee on the Study of Religion, GSAS
Language and manuscript research in Kathmandu, Nepal

Roberto Foa, Government, GSAS
Ancient Polities, Modern States, India

Abbas Jaffer, Anthropology, GSAS
Rocking Online: Music, Masculinity, and Digital Publics, Lahore, Pakistan

Ambika Kamath, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, GSAS
Can anthropogenic habitat change drive variation in mating system and sexual selection in the South Asian agamid lizard Sitana ponticeriana?

Venkata Krishna Matturi, Landscape Architecture, GSD
Exploring intrinsic relationships of waste and socio-ecological conditions in Maldives and Indian Ocean region; investigation of waste networks in Maldives

Andrew McDowell, Anthropology, GSAS
Finding Breath: Tuberculosis, aspiration, resistance, and local biology in rural India

Sophia Nasti, South Asian Studies, GSAS
Tamil language study at Chella Meenakshi Centre, Madurai, India

Tyler Neill, South Asian Studies, GSAS
Middle Indic language study (Pali & Prakit) in Pune, India

Charlotte Page, MD, HMS
Is Use of Biomass Fuel Associated with Anemia in Pregnant Women in Nagpur, India?

Mircea Rainu, History, GSAS
The Tata Compnay and the Ethics of Capital in Modern India

James Reich, Committee on the Study of Religion, GSAS
Literary Theory and Religious Philosophy in work of a Kashmiri Intellectual who lived in the 12th century, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Benjamin Siegel, History, GSAS
The Hungry State: Food, Hunger, and Nation-Building in India, 1943-1966

Anand Vaidya, Social Anthropology, GSAS
The origin of the forest, private property, and the law: The life of India’s field rights act

Graduate Internship Grant Awardees and Organizations

Madhav Khosla, Government, GSAS
Center for Policy Research – Delhi, India

Johannah Murphy, HDS
AID for India’s Development – Mumbai, India

Anjali Thakkar, MD, HMS
Embrace Global – Bangalore, India

Erum Sattar, SJD, HLS
Aman Foundation – Karachi, Pakistan