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Art and Architecture Conferences

Art Conservation Initiative Workshop

August 2018

At the Art Conservation Initiative Workshop in 2018, the discussion among participants of the workshop covered a wide breadth of topics, including the development of conservation in India, conservation education and training, public and private sector conservation initiatives, and approaches to potential conservation collaboration. Delving into the state of conservation in South Asia, and India in particular, participants learned about the delivery platforms for conservation training and implementation, which include government institutions, NGOs, universities, archives, and private institutions.

Overall, there has been a changing nature of conservation practice in India. While initially people traveled abroad to learn conservation practice, more importance has now been placed on understanding indigenous knowledge because the materials, resources, and climate in India are all contextual.

To design training programs, conservation practitioners emphasized the need to focus on field training. In India, there is a need for an interdisciplinary approach, as well as more specialization training. Before going abroad, a young conservator must understand the context and get basic training from India, so that they can make the most of advanced techniques available abroad. Overall, generalized conservation training programs should be a mix of fine arts, history, and science.