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Transparency, Awareness, and Action: Understanding the Landscape of Accountability in India.

Accountability is the heartbeat of good governance.


SAI, in collaboration with the Harvard Business School India Research Centre (HBS IRC), has created a “Best of Harvard in India” series of round tables on “Accountability and Governance.”  The first roundtable, titled “Transparency, Awareness, and Action – Understanding the Landscape of Accountability in India,” was held July 10, 2012 in New Delhi.

This event looked at accountability where citizens or civil society organizations participate directly or indirectly to exact transparency and responsibility from government and the private sector. Evidence the world over suggests that accountability can contribute to improved governance and increased development, effectiveness through better social delivery, and empowerment. However, in post-independence India, accountability is considered by many to be under siege where members of both private and public spheres are unsure of the role they can play in improving accountability.

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