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On January 19th, SAI and Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB) co-hosted an afternoon tea to introduce visiting Harvard School of Public Health students to Harvard alumni and local leaders in development and education.  The students shared their reflections on a very busy visit, which had included a few trips into rural Bangladesh for fun and to see some of the projects contributing to the country’s impressive gains in public health in recent years.

Local participants in the event included Professor Omar Rahman, Vice Chancellor of IUB and leader of the local HAA chapter, Ms. Nasim Ferdous, Executive Director of the Bangladesh Alliance for Women Leadership, Mr. Mosharraf Hossain, Country Director of Action on Disability and Development International, and Professor Fahima Aziz, Vice Chancellor of the Asian University for Women in Chittagong.  Several recent alumni, including Mridul Chowdhury and Rubayat Khan (HKS), also attended.