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In conclusion of their tenure as Graduate Student Associates, the SAI GSAs hosted a mini conference last week to showcase key insights from their research on South Asia.

The GSA program fits into SAI’s broader goal of creating a platform of connectivity for students, faculty, and community members who are interested in South Asia. The program gives advanced graduate students the opportunity to connect across Harvard’s silos and connect across disciplines to inform and enrich research.

Panel 1: Religion, Education, Nationalism

Nationalism in Education: How political agendas influence national identity through Pakistani schools (Mariam Chughtai, HGSE)

Sensing the Unseen: How students at a Pakistani madrasah come to believe in Sufi saints (Bilal Malik, HGSE)

Panel 2: Rights, Categories and the State

The Right to Property and Economic Development in India (Namita Wahi, HLS)

Why Food? Thinking about hunger, rights, and the state in India (Benjamin Siegel, History)

“Special Care for Special People”: Health care and categories after Bhopal (Bridget Hanna, Anthropology)

The Origin of the Forest, Private Property, and the State: The Political life of India’s Forest Rights Act (Anand Vaidya, Anthropology)

More information on the GSA program, including a podcast from  Ben Siegel.

Photos from the GSA Conference on our Facebook page.