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Introducing a New Admissions-Advice Portal for Pakistanis: Help by Donating Just One Hour

THE PROBLEM: Inadequacies of guidance and counseling available to bright students across Pakistan. Unfortunately, only elite Pakistani students have access to guidance and counseling concerning higher education, fellowship, or residency programs abroad. Many bright students fail to get admissions, simply because their institutions or personal networks cannot guide them. This situation is a long-term collective loss for the entire nation.

THE SOLUTION: An online resource, in collaboration with GEO, providing admissions information. We are a group of students from Harvard, MIT, and other universities, who are collaborating with GEO Television Network to address is problem. We are developing a free online portal that will make available country-specific and program-specific guidance on how to ensure a strong application.

THE IMPACT: Increase in foreign-educated Pakistanis who become an asset to themselves, their families, and the entire nation. Shaheen-Pakistan’s online portal will help overcome the current inadequacies of guidance and counseling available to bright students across Pakistan —  wherever they may be. We strongly believe that better-educated Pakistanis will be an asset to themselves, their families, and the entire nation in the long run.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION: Shaheen-Pakistan does not need your money — we need one hour of your time to get your insights. Are you someone who has gone through the application process and gained admission into a university, fellowship, or residency program abroad? Are you willing to spend an hour sharing your insights? Your insights will be collected and consolidated with tips from other people in the same program, resulting in a comprehensive admissions tip-sheet for your program.Click here ( to tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll contact you soon.

The little time you spend with us on this project can enable innumerable other Pakistanis to avail the same opportunities in life that you have been privileged to access — bright young people who may otherwise fail to gain admission simply because there was no one to guide them.

Thank you,

SHAHEEN-Pakistan Steering Committee

Shaheena Raheem (Harvard). Bilal Malik (Harvard). Mahvish Shaukat (MIT). Zohaib Hassan (MIT). Ali Tajdar (Rutgers). Fatima Abbas (NUS). Rahman Saleem (LUMS).