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On December 3, 2013, Ambassador of Nepal to the United States, Shankar Prasad Sharma, spoke at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  In his talk on ‘Nepal Election 2013: Opportunities for New Constitution and Inclusive Growth,’ he highlighted that the Constituent Assembly election had been held successfully and had paved way for a multi-ethnic federalism and inclusive growth.

Following the talk, Professor David King, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at HKS, moderated a panel with Ambassador Sharma and Pukar Malla, Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Center for Public Leadership.  The panel discussed that the constitution needed to build on common identity and aspirations of Nepali citizens and that the new political leadership could leverage many lessons of successful development stories from Nepal and neighboring South Asian countries.  The event was co-sponsored by South Asia Institute, Center for Public Leadership, India and South Asia Program, and South Asia Caucus.