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Exciting opportunity to learn with BRAC!

This year the Frugal Innovation Forum will focus on two hot topics in development: data and mobile money. The agenda is action packed, with a welcome dinner and two days of debates, Ted style talks, workshops and plenty of time for networking. Participants include leading practitioners, researchers and activists working on digital financial services and data.

The event will be held in Savar, Bangladesh (30 km. from Dhaka).

What’s special about the Frugal Innovation Forum?

The Frugal Innovation Forum is a practitioner-centric event. It is organized by BRAC and the majority of participants will be practitioners from the global South. The hands-on experience of these individuals grounds the conversation in the possible—not the theoretical. Participants will be looking to make things happen—for that new idea or partner that will enable them to better serve the poor.

Who should attend?

  • Practitioners from the global South who use mobile tools as a form of payment or want to start soon
  • Activists who use data to catalyze community change
  • Practitioners from the global South who are using data in innovative ways
  • Individuals who are frustrated with their data systems and are looking to revamp them
  • Academics who study mobile money and innovative uses of data

Spaces are filling up fast!

The Frugal Innovation Forum event is invite only. If you are interested in attending, request an invitation here today.

Want more information?

Check out the web site or contact the event organizers at