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South Asia is both the place where some of the most acute health problems are aggregated, as well as the place where some of the most innovative solutions, for both the region and the world, can be found. With all this in mind, we chose health as the topic for our inaugural publication.

In this publication, you will see a range of professional and disciplinary perspectives, from Harvard and outside Harvard. Lawyers and physicians, philanthropists and entrepreneurs, policy-advocates and journalists, scientists and designers, epidemiologists and graphic novelists, economists and Open Access advocates, come together to present a rich array of solutions to health challenges. The publication is not exhaustive. Instead, we aim to present a wide representation of the important, and occasionally surprising ways, in which people find solutions to public health problems in South Asia.

It is our hope that you will read these essays actively, and we encourage you to share the digital version of the publication widely.


Click here to view the digital book.