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News Article

SAI in San Francisco

SAI is excited to announce the launch of its San Francisco Series, ‘Conversations with Harvard Faculty,’ which will bring Harvard faculty to California for events on a variety of topics related to South Asia. The first event will be on April 18, 2014, with Professor Diana Eck, titled ‘Sacred Geographies: India and the United States.’

Diana Eck is the Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies and Fredric Wertham Professor of Law and Psychiatry in Society in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Member of the Faculty of Divinity. Eck will engage with Harvard friends and alumni in San Francisco in a conversation about her book India: A Sacred Geography, which explores the sacred places of India, taking the reader on an extraordinary trip through the beliefs and history of this rich and profound place, as well as providing a basic introduction to Hindu religious ideas and how those ideas influence our understanding of the modern sense of “India” as a nation.

Please visit our website for information about future SAI events in San Francisco.