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SAI Summer Grants

SAI offers a variety of in-region opportunities for Harvard students through the SAI grants program. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply for research grants to support independent and thesis field work. SAI has partnered with over 50 organizations in South Asia to offer internships to Harvard students.

Click here for an interactive map showing where Harvard students will be this summer (provided by Google Maps).

Undergraduate Internship Grants

Jennifer Chang, Mechanical Engineering, 2016
Harvard Bangalore Science Initiative, Bangalore

Louise Eisenach**, Chemistry, 2016
Harvard Bangalore Science Initiative, Bangalore

Reina Gattuso*, Literature and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, 2015
Center for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi

Jacqueline Ma, Human and Developmental Regenerative Biology, 2016
Harvard Bangalore Science Initiative, Bangalore

Annie Rak**, Applied Mathematics, 2016
Harvard Bangalore Science Initiative, Bangalore

Sara Theiss, Psychology, 2015
VidyaGyan Leadership Academy, Noida

Undergraduate Research Grants

Zeenia Framroze, Government, 2015
How should the Indian media function to preserve Indian democracy?

Brenna McDuffie, South Asian Studies, 2015
Hindi language study at American Institute of Indian Studies, Jaipur.

Ekta Patel, Environmental Science and Public Policy, 2015
Urban-Population Vulnerabilities, Environmental Change, and Environmental Governance: Surat, India.

*Cosponsored internship with the Institute of Politics
** All or partially funded by the Office of Career Services.


Graduate Internship Grants

Arthur Bauer, MPA, HKS
Center for Microfinance, Thanjavur

Sarah Bolivar, MLA, GSD
Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School, Surkhet

Madhav Khosla, Government, GSAS
Center for Policy Research, Delhi


Graduate Research Grants

Mou Banerjee, History, PhD, GSAS
The Baboo, the Babi, and the Padri Sahib: Christianity, Colonialism, and the Creative World of Indian Intellectuals, c. 1813-1907.

Jahnabi Barooah, MTS, HDS
Sanskrit Study, American Institute of Indian Studies, Pune.

Kyle Belcher, MAUD, GSD
Mapping Post War Resettlement in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.

Sourav Biswas, MLA, GSD
Productive Landscapes of Peri-urban Kolkata: Mapping the resource-recovery processes in the East
Kolkata Wetlands.

Todd Brown, MTS, HDS
Sanskrit Language Study in Kathmandu, with particular focus on Buddhist textual materials.

Gregory Clines, Religion, PhD, GSAS
Braj Bhasha and Early Hindi Workshop of Bansko, Bulgaria.

Namita Dharia, Anthropology, PhD, GSAS
Jugaad Development: the politics and experiences of urban growth in India’s National Capital Region.

Vineet Diwadkar, MLA/MUP, GSD
Modeling Mumbai: Human Architectural Currencies.

Laurel Gabler, MD, HMS
Role of community mobilization as it relates to neonatal and maternal health emergencies in Nagpur, India.

Kanishka Elupula, Anthropology, PhD, GSAS
Ethnographical engagement with caste in modern spaces: Social lives of Dalits in private corporate sector.

Daniel Feldman Mowerman, MAUD, GSD
Mapping Post War Resettlement in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.

Kayla Kellerman, MTS, HDS
Hindi Study, American Institute of Indian Studies, Jaipur.

Joseph Kimmel, MTS, HDS
The Kingdom of God among Nepalese and American Clergy.

Ian Maccormack, Religion, PhD, GSAS
The Contributions of the Regent Sangye Gyatso to Buddhism and Polity in Tibet.

Aditya Menon, Comparative Literature, PhD, GSAS
Sanskrit Study, American Institute of Indian Studies, Pune.

James Reich, Religion, PhD, GSAS
The Relationship between literary theory and religion in pre-modern Kashmir.

Sarika Ringwala, Public Policy, PhD, GSAS
Evaluating Initiatives to Improve Public Service Delivery in India.

Heather Sarsons, Economics, PhD, GSAS
Dowry Payments and Female Welfare in India.

Lauren Taylor, MTS, HDS
Assessing the Relationship between Spiritual Practice and Community Health Outcomes in Rural, Southern India.