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The Committee on South Asian Relations presents:

Nurturing Young Innovators to Lead Change in Nepal


Pukar MallaSenior Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Youth have demographic majority in Nepal.  Innovation and collaboration are innate to youth DNA. Nepal’s history points to the need for a mindset change in its citizenry, from passive acceptance to active participation, from dependency to collaboration, and from desperation to innovation.  A new breed of young leaders can come together and turn challenges into opportunities to create innovative solutions that enable such positive change.

Dr. Pukar Malla (MPA 2011), Founder and Executive Director of Nepal Ko Yuwa (NKY, translated as ‘Youth of Nepal’) and Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, will focus his talk on the possibilities of building a new Nepal by leveraging the collective talent, passion and energy of local and global Nepali youth.  He will draw on the current governance and enterprise initiatives of NKY and his leadership research at Harvard with Professor Marshall Ganz and Professor Ronald Heifetz.

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 6pm-7pm
Harvard Kennedy School, Littauer-332