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SAI has awarded 18 grants to support undergraduate and graduate student projects over the Winter Session in January, 2015. These include 6 undergraduates and 12 graduate students who will be traveling to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka for research and internships.

The projects cover topics from many disciplines, for example: Using microfinance to alleviate poverty, sustainable housing, the “Islamization” of Divorce Law in Pakistan, vernacular literature of Indian Christians, changing education in the third world countries using cheap computing devices, and internships at health ministries in Sri Lanka.

Graduate Students

Arthur  Bauer, MPA-ID, Harvard Kennedy School
Assessing microfinance’s effectiveness in alleviating poverty, India

Jeffrey Bryant, MPP/MBA, Harvard Kennedy School/Harvard Business School
January Term Research Position with HKS Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) India Team, India

Ishani Desai, MPA-ID, Harvard Kennedy School
Understanding the factors that influence adoption: A study on menstrual practices and sanitary pad adoption in Gujarat, India

Hardeep Dhillon, PhD, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Research project seeks to retrieve the history of the women’s movement in the 1970’s through the collection of oral histories. Following the guidelines established by the Oral History Association, Dhillon intends to interview prominent members of the 1970’s women’s movement, India

Joshua Ehrlich, History, PhD, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
The East India Company and the Politics of Knowledge, 1772-1835, India

Michael Haggerty, M.Arch 1, Graduate School of Design
Vernacular Construction for Urban Housing: New Structures for Architectural Practice to Deliver Sustainable Housing in Bangladesh

Madiha Irfan, MTS. Harvard Divinity School
Debates over the “Islamization” of Divorce Law in Pakistan

Rakesh Peter Dass, Th.D., Harvard Divinity School
Why Hindi? Translation Choices and Vernacular Literature Among Indian Christians, India

Jonathan Phillips, PhD,Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Who Implements Programmatic Education Policies? Researching Surprising Patterns in Indian States, India

Sarika Ringwala, PhD in Public Policy
Empowering Citizens Through Service Delivery Reforms, India

Divya Sooryakumar, Ed. M, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Creating an SMS-based solution to an information gap for mothersto enhance their early childhood education and development practices for infants through the first 3 years of their lives, India

Hector Tarrido Picart, MAUD & MLA, Graduate School of Design
Remote Sensing Mumbai, India

Maria Qazi, MPA-ID, Harvard Kennedy School
Social protection and state legitimacy – the Case of Benazir Income Support Program



Chesley Ekelem, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Health Policy, Harvard College ‘16
Internship with St. Jude ChildCare Centres, Mumbai, India

Angela Leocata, Harvard College ’18
Little Stars Internship to Develop English and Writing Program, Varanasi, India

Fei (Michelle) Lin, Human Developmental and Regenerative Bio, Harvard College ‘17
Internship at Heal Asia’s inaugural project – Sri Lanka Medical Relief Program, Sri Lanka Ministry of Health, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Jacqueline Ma, Human Developmental and Regenerative Bio and East Asian Studies, Harvard College ’16
Internship at HealAsia, Sri Lanka Ministry of Health, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tarik Adnan Moon, Mathematics and Computer Science, Harvard College ‘15
Research on changing education in the third world countries using cheap computing devices, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ishani Premaratne, Anthropology and Health Policy, Harvard College ’15
Work on GrowLanka and completion of partnership with Sri Lankan Youth Ministry, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka


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