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This summer, with support from Harvard’s President’s Innovation Fund for International Experiences, SAI ran an 8-week summer program in India for Harvard College students to explore the potential of mobile technology to enable economic and social mobility, which combined academic coursework and experiential learning. The program culminated in a final project, which the students presented on campus at an interactive event on September 21, with feedback from the faculty leaders.

Education and Technology in India

Kais Khimji, Harvard College, ‘17

Eshaan Patheria, Harvard College ‘18

Kais and Eshaan spent time during the program at EkStep, an organization that uses technology to improve literacy and numeracy for millions of children in India. Kais and Eshaan conducted stakeholder analysis to understand the educational ecosystem for the Indian context.


Mobile Phones and Health

Pradeep Niroula, Harvard College ‘18

Pradeep spent time at JanaCare, an organization that uses technology for diabetes control. In India, economic growth is leading to a more sedentary lifestyle, and more chronic health problems, while the health system can not keep up. Pradeep learned that mobile health can help treat patients in this new landscape.