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Angela_Thurston_2 - Internship

The South Asia Institute has awarded 20 grants to support student projects over the Winter Session 2016 in January. These include 9 graduate students and 11 undergraduate students who will travel to India, Nepal, and Pakistan for research and internships.


Graduate Students

Hira Baig, MTS ’16, Harvard Divinity School 
A Proposal to Pursue an Internship in Women’s Advocacy at Shirkat Gah in Karachi, Pakistan

Yoko Okura, MPP ’17 Harvard Kennedy School
Building natural disaster resilience after the 2014 Nepal earthquake by reconstructing school infrastructure and incorporating resilience education in the Ramechhap District

Syeda Farwa Fatima, EdM ’16 Harvard Graduate School of Education
Understanding Special Education System in Pakistan

Rohit Kumar MPA-ID ’16 Harvard Kennedy School
Reducing inefficiencies in agricultural markets in India

DSC01506Muhammad Zia Mehmood, MPP ’16 Harvard Kennedy School
Resolving Refusals: Polio vaccinations in Pakistan

Soledad Prillaman, Ph.D ’17
Disconnected and Uninformed: Dissecting and Dismantling India’s Gender Gap in Political Participation

Vyasan Radhakrishnan, MPA-ID ’16 Harvard Kennedy School
Understanding inefficiencies in India’s agricultural markets with a view to suggest robust policy options to remove them

Anne Shrestha, MPA-ID ’16 Harvard Kennedy School
Research work for Second Year Policy Analysis: Electricity Crisis in Nepal

Richard_Tyler_3Hannah Yoo, DDM ’18 Harvard Dental School
Analysis of Indian Mothers’ Protective Factors on Child’s Oral and Nutritional Health


Undergraduate Students

Javier Aranzales, Government ’16
Internship with Evaldesign to research impact assessments of education interventions for development

Anjali Chandra ’19
WHO India’s 100% Vaccination and Polio Eradication monitoring Campaign

Sarah Rahman ’18
Internship at St. Jude ChildCare Centres

Hardeep_Dhillon - researchShaiba Rather ‘17
Internship with NDTV in India

Zuneera Shah ‘19
Internship at the History Project, Pakistan

Bharath Venkatesh ’17
Nonprofit internship in economic consulting in Nepal

Neil Davey ‘18
Harvard Development Initiative, with the goal of empowering local change-makers to spur development

Pranay Nadella ’18
Harvard Development Initiative – Development Entrepreneurship Course and Experiential Learning

Raj Vatsa ’18
Lay groundwork with schools and NGOs in India for an innovative student-run development initiative

Austin Wu ‘16
Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort Data Usage Narrative

Patrick Xu ’16
Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort Data Usage Narrative