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This week, Rachel Parikh (@rachel.parikh), the Calderwood Curatorial Fellow of South Asian Art at Harvard Art Museums took over SAI’s Instagram account (@HarvardSAI) to highlight some of the museum’s amazing South Asian Art collection. Rachel specializes in South Asian manuscript painting and arms and armor from the sixteenth through nineteenth century.

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Although it suffers from some losses, I love this sweet image of Krishna asking for the moon. According to one legend, the infant Krishna points to the moon and asks his mother, Yashoda, what it was. She responds, “The moon, it is the toy of God”. Hearing the word “toy”, Krishna demanded it and could not be consoled. One of Yashoda’s maids, ingeniously thinks of placing a mirror on the ground, bringing the moon to Krishna. Himachal Pradesh, 18th century, opaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper. 1972.68. You can see this and so many other wonderful South Asian pieces @harvardartmuseums by visiting our gallery (Room 2590) or making an appointment in the Art Study Center. — @rachel.parikh #harvardartmuseums #India #painting #Krishna #moon #indianart #art #artsed #harvard

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