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Happy Thanksgiving! The South Asia Institute community has much to be thankful for this year. Share what you’re thankful for on social media with #SAIgivesthanks.


Sneha_portrait_edit“I am thankful to have found amazing people at SAI and a unique way for me to get involved in my home country.”

-Sneha Shrestha, Student Coordinator; Ed. M Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education


Mariam Chughtai“I’m thankful for Lahore.”

Mariam Chughtai, Director, Pakistan Programs


Tarun Khanna“I’m thankful that so many of the amazing people I work with have become my good friends, and my good friends have agreed to come and work with me over time. what a bonus!”

Tarun Khanna, Faculty Director, Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard Business School


IMG_9608 - Copy“I am thankful to my meditation and my family for all the strength this year!”

Sanjay Kumar, Delhi Office Director



“I am thankful for an incredible support system of friends in a completely new country.”

Roma KalaniStudent Coordinator; Ed. M Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education




Nora“I am thankful for SAI’s community of students, fellows, faculty, staff, and all others. They constantly inspire me!”

Nora Maginn, Senior Program Manager



DR. SHASHANK SHAH“I’m thankful that we could reach out to 200 organizations in India through the SAI Livelihood Project”

Shashank Shah, Project Director, Livelihood Creation




Meena Hewett“I am thankful for the diversity of minds and personalities I engage with every day. It’s like sun rise — a new day, every day!”

Meena Hewett, Executive Director




Meghan“I’m thankful to be surrounded by a globally-minded community every day that values diversity and cross-cultural exchange.”

Meghan Smith, Communications and Outreach Coordinator



Usha“I am happy that I am surrounded by really wonderful people.”

Usha Gawde, SAI Arts Consultant, Mumbai



IMG_9639 - Copy“I’m thankful for second and third chances, and for all the gifts we are each given and don’t always realize we have been given until challenges reveal them to us, and for the greatest gift of all – family, in all shapes and forms.”

Nabil Khan, Research Assistant, Partition Project


Sarah Gordon“I’m thankful for smart, kind, interesting and engaging colleagues.”

Sarah Gordon, Director of Finance and Administration, Asia centers