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davey Discussing some of the major health issues seen from a visit to an urban slum in Delhi.The Harvard South Asia Institute has awarded 15 grants to support student projects over the Winter Session 2016 in January. These include 12 graduate students and 3 undergraduate students who will travel to India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Pakistan for research and internships.


Undergraduate Students
Mei Yin Wu Applied Math, 2017 Harvard College
Wildlife Conservation Trust Internship

Zayan Faiyad, Economics 2018 Harvard College
Field research to identify root causes of achievement gap in state-regulated Madrasas in Bangladesh

Mahnoor Khan, Government 2017 Harvard College
Desensitization to Violence and its Affect on an Individual’s Moral Decision Making in Pakistan

Graduate Students
Yoo_Hannah_1 oral health camp in PowaiKusalagnana Derangala, MDS 2017 HDS
Internship with “Upper Myanmar Manuscript Preservation Project”

Priya Rakkhit Sraman, MDS 2017 HDS
Internship with “Upper Myanmar Manuscript Preservation Project”

Isabella Bennett, MPP 2017 HKS
Making a Peace Deal Work:Options for Integrating Taliban Fighters

Joshua Ehrlich, PhD History 2016
English- and Persian-Language Sources on South Asia in the UK

Joshua Jeong, Doctor of Science Global Health and Population 2019
Understanding the Role of Fathers in Their Young Childrens Care, Health, and Development: A Qualitative Study

Amulya Mandava, PhD Anthropology 2021
Caste, Political Economy, and Marriage in Contemporary Tamil Nadu

Kunal Mangal, PhD Public Policy 2021 HKS
Learning How to Navigate Big City Labor Markets in Small-Town India

Interviewing a government official on the status of state run special education institutes in PakistanMary Pham, Master of Education 2017 HGSE
Assessing Educational Needs of Internally Displaced Pre-Primary Children in Kachin State, Myanmar

Cresa Pugh PhD Social Policy 2022
Constructions of citizenship and belonging for the stateless Rohingya of Burma

Priyasha Saksena, SJD HLS 2020
Jousting Over Jurisdiction: Sovereignty and International Law in Colonial South Asia, c. 1858-1947

Ashley Thompson, Master in Design 2017 GSD
Gendered Risk Geographies: Land and Conflict in a World of Women Villages

Lydia Walker, PhD History 2018
States-in-Waiting: Nationalism, Internationalism, Decolonization