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Most people in India and over the world would describe Chandigarh as Le Corbusier’s ultimate canvas, mostly associated with its poetic buildings and planning. Professor Wattas, an avid tree lover as he calls himself, eloquently elaborated on the magnificent city’s emphasis on landscape. He demystified claims of Corbusier only being influenced by built form. The material presented anatomized the history and philosophies which led to the forming of the garden city. He specifically analysed Corbusier’s sketches and their applications in the city.

Having lived in Chandigrah most of his life, Professor Wattas explained his city from the Point of View of a local with the lens of a landscape designer. He cited precise details such as how residents use the landscape as forms of shade, centers of business and even where to park their car. The lecture closed with relevant concerns regarding current and future urbanization strategies being observed in India, instigating a healthy Q&A session.


-Sahej Bhatia, Harvard College Student