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This week, a selection of young scientists from all over India met in Bengaluru to kick off the two-week Workshop on Synthetic Biology. This workshop is a segment of the Building Bharat-Boston Biosciences (B4) program that focuses on preparing young scientists in India for the future of biosciences. In this two-week course, the students will learn through lectures and hands-on sessions about new developments in Synthetic Biology and how to apply these learnings to modern engineering principles. 

The second day of the B4 Young Scientist Program workshop centered around the theme “Genomes and the Synthetic Biology Revolution.” Check out the videos below to watch two lectures given that day. In Part 1, Dr. Abhilash Mohan, a Research Scientist at The Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB) in Bengaluru, discusses genes, genomes, and the dawn of computational biology. In Part 2, he is followed by Dr. DN Rao, a Professor of Biochemisty at the Indian Institute of Science. Dr. Rao’s research centers around DNA mismatch report and restriction enzymes.