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Photo by Dewang Gupta.

Photo by Dewang Gupta.

The Mittal Institute offers a variety of learning opportunities in South Asia for Harvard students through its grants program, where students can apply for grants to support independent research and thesis field work. The Mittal Institute has partnered with over 50 organizations in South Asia to offer internships to Harvard students.

The below grants have been awarded to students for summer research, internships, and language studies in India, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Check back here in the Fall 2019 semester to read more about the experiences of our student grant recipients.

Graduate: Language Study Grants

Nariman AavaniPhD Candidate
Intensive Sanskrit Program, University of Virginia

Davindar SinghPhD Candidate
Summer Punjabi Language Study

Mohit Mandal, PhD Candidate
Malayalam Summer Language Program

Graduate: Research Grants

Morgan Curtis, PhD Candidate
The Cilappatikram and Its Reception History

Karan Saharya, Master in Design Studies ’20
The Many Lives of the Qutub Minar: Conservation and Conflict in Post-Colonial India

Alexandra Sanyal, Master in Design Studies ’20
Religious Residue: A Study of Preservation and Colonial Heritage on Sacred Sites in Kolkata
India and the United Kingdom

Thomas Schaperkotter, Master in Architecture ’20
Voices of the Rohingya

Graduate: Internship Grants

Rui Su, Master in Urban Planning
Internship at the Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy

Undergraduate: Language Study Grants

Pranati Parikh, Comparative Study of Religion and Comparative Literature, Harvard College ’21
AIIS Summer Sanskrit Program