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Bangladesh has a complicated history, existing under many names and empires — sometimes independently, other times as a colony or kingdom. Its borders have been drawn and redrawn extensively over the past 4,000 years. At different points in its history, this small section of South Asia repelled Greek invaders, housed a series of Indian dynasties, was conquered by an Islamic empire, supported multiple Hindu kingdoms, was colonized by Europe, and regained its independence as a modern nation.

Bangladesh’s complex past weaves together many disparate cultures and ideals, and that unique mix is thriving today. Take our Bangladesh Quiz, linked below, to find out just how much you know about modern Bangladesh, and come to our Bangladesh Rising Conference at the Gutman Conference Center on Monday, September 16th, to learn more about the nation’s history, politics, economics, development, and arts from Harvard faculty, regional businesspeople, Bangladesh’s government representatives, and others.