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From the Hijab Ban to the Political Crisis in Pakistan, We’ve Curated 10 Not-to-be-Missed Events from the Last Year


The academic year is just wrapping up here in Cambridge, and we wanted to take an opportunity to share with you a specially curated sampling of the important programming we held over the last two semesters. The Mittal Institute is Harvard’s hub for hosting some of the most important and pressing discussions on South Asia past, present and future from across disciplines. This year, we brought together over 200 leading experts, practitioners and policymakers to discuss such wide-ranging topics as the elections in India, the environment, COVID-19 and the way forward for the region, the current political situation in Pakistan and much more. With over 100+ events, the Mittal Institute team sifted through them to present here a selection our top 10.



India at 75: The Global Roots of Independence

VAF Virtual Art Exhibit: Women in South Asia: Expectations, Burdens and Obligations

The Right to Health and Universal Health Coverage

Tackling Trash: South Asia’s Informal Waste Economy

The Hijab Ban and the Future of Religious Pluralism in India

Post-Pandemic: Driving Inclusive Growth in Asia – Education in Asia

Crisis and Consequences in Pakistan

Conservation in a Shifting Landscape: The Future of Modern Architecture in South Asia

Afghanistan’s Next Transition: How We Got Here and What Comes Next?