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Message from the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute

Our hearts are with the people of Pakistan, who are suffering from the impact of unprecedented flooding. Vast portions of the country are completely under water and millions have been displaced from their homes, limiting access to food, medicine and other essentials. The impacts are particularly devastating on the poorest and most vulnerable. Members of our Harvard community are organizing much-needed relief efforts. We will continue to bring you updates on the situation and efforts to address this humanitarian crisis in the coming weeks. 

The Harvard Pakistan Student Association has been working hard to increase awareness and bring help to the region during this difficult time. Below is more information on their efforts and the organizations they are supporting. You can donate directly to the organizations. The PSA has also set up an account to collect donations to send to the organizations.


Relief Fundraiser by Harvard College Pakistani Students Association

The torrential monsoon rains in Pakistan have eclipsed the label of a mere natural disaster; Pakistan is undergoing a humanitarian crisis. In the past two months, the heaviest rainfalls on record have killed over 1,300 people and have severely impacted 33 million others. The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) estimates that over half a million homes have been destroyed. Relief efforts are direly needed given the rapidly-worsening situation. Harvard College Pakistani Students Association is raising funds to provide victims with meals, shelter, sanitary products, and more. Please donate what you can so we can help give much-needed funds to those suffering in Pakistan and please share this far and wide so we can raise much-needed awareness for this perilous situation.