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Electric Rehi, or e-Rehri for short, is a 2022 Seed for Change grant recipient that is working towards providing affordable, electric and modular carts for street vendors in Indian cities, making the daily delivery of fresh produce efficient for both the vendors and the consumers alike. Electric vehicle technology is retrofitted to traditional Indian street carts, creating an incremental and affordable transition to green energy. Using this method, any existing cart can be transformed into an electric vehicle while retaining its ability to function as a mechanical tricycle cart. 

This week, the mayor of Chandigarh, India, launched the fleet of electric carts for vendors. The effort was profiled in the Hindustan Times. E-Rehri’s founder, Gauri Nagpal, Harvard Graduate School of Design ’23, says of the launch, “I want to express my gratitude for LMSAI’s support in making this endeavor possible. The city is showcasing it at the G20 Summit Meeting on Jan 31st. I will be applying with this project for the UN SDG Best Practices as well and will keep you updated on how that goes.”