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Nora, center, in the village of Gomla, in the state of Haryana, last summer when she visited as part of the Immersion program for students

Nora Maginn, SAI’s Program Manger, has won the 2014 Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences Impact award, given to a small number of FAS staff, due to her excellent contributions to SAI and the Harvard community.

The award is given to a staff member who is a strong collaborator, has consistently exhibited sustained, superior performance with exceptional effectiveness, and someone who delivered contributions that were visible, measureable and broadly acknowledged by colleagues. The individual must demonstrate a high degree of good citizenship and an exemplary work ethic and is recognized as a role model in her position.

As SAI’s Program Manager, Nora coordinates SAI’s many events, including the faculty-led SAI Seminar Series, as well as the SAI grant program, which provides funding for faculty and students to travel to the South Asia to conduct research or participate in internships. Additionally, she manages the SAI Fellowship Program, which brings scholars to Harvard who do research on South Asia.

Congratulations, Nora!