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The digital version of the Mittal Institute’s 2018-2019 Student Grant Report has just been released! The report highlights the Mittal Institute’s Winter 2018 and Summer 2019 student grant recipients, who traveled all over South Asia to learn about everything from conservation in post-colonial India to the transformation of South Asian foodways.

The Institute awards summer and winter session grants to Harvard students focused on deepening their academic engagement with issues facing South Asia. Research grants support field research on specific topics that could contribute to a thesis or dissertation. Language grants support students who choose to pursue an intensive study of a South Asian language. Internship grants are awarded to students who choose to work with organizations in South Asia.

Check out the digital version here to learn more. 

2018–2019 Grant Recipients

Nariman Aavani, Indo-Persian Cultural and Religious Interaction in Mughal India

Morgan Curtis, Decoding a 5th Century Tamil Epic and its Retellings

Julia Fine, Transformation of South Asian Foodways

Mohit Mandal, Malayalam Summer Language Program 2019

Bronwen Gulkis, Multiplicities of Movement: An Analysis of Folios from Asia to Europe

Laura Sky Herman, Indian Yellow: Pigments Then and Now

Pranati Parikh, New Meanings: Studies of the Sanskrit Language

Eduardo Pelaez, Learning from Slumscapes

Karan Saharya, The Many Lives of the Qutub Minar: Conservation and Conflict in Post-Colonial India

Nivedita Saksena, A Data Protection Framework for Health in India

Alexandra Indira Sanyal, The Hybrid of Urbanism and Historic Preservation in Kolkata

Tommy Schaperkotter, Architectural and Urban Ecosystems in Bangladesh’s Rohingya Refugee Camps

Davindar Singh, The Sounds of India’s Rural and Urban Spaces

Rui Su, Metropolitan Governance and Municipal Staffing in Bangalore

Iris Yellum, The Value of Viability: Seeds, Indian Agriculture, and Agrarian Livelihoods