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The Mittal Institute at Harvard University opened its inaugural climate change workshop in New Delhi with opening remarks from Mr. Tarun Kapoor, Advisor to the Prime Minister’s office; plenary address by Dr. V.K. Saraswat from NITI Aayog; special remarks by Dan Schrag from Harvard University; and a keynote by Reema Nanavaty from Self Employed Women’s Association. In a panel discussion moderated by Prof Tarun Khanna, leading green tech innovators from across India shared how their work is addressing the climate challenge. The panel had discussants from the International Finance Corporation, Sequoia Capital, and HeroMotocorp Ltd. The conference is being organized to coincide with the launch of the Mittal Institute’s Climate Change Platform in South Asia. The workshop is being co-sponsored by the Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability and the Confederation of Indian Industry.

Mr. Tarun Kapoor, Advisor to the Prime Minister’s office, delivered opening remarks.

Daniel Schrag, Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology, Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard University and Director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment, delivers opening remarks on Day 1 of the Climate Workshop.

Reema Nanavaty, of the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), delivered a keynote that highlighted the climate challenges faced by working poor women in South Asia, saying, “The climate crisis … if not addressed with the participation of poor and especially poor women and workers … will take the form of violence that exacerbates poverty”

Prof. Tarun Khanna, Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at the Harvard Business School and Faculty Director of the Mittal Institute, moderates a panel with leading green tech innovators from across India.

A full house brought together a cross-section of academics, policymakers, NGOs, journalists, and private sector representatives.

Honorary guests inaugurate the opening of the Climate Change Workshop and the Mittal Institute Climate Change Platform.

Day 2: Climate Change Workshop, New Delhi

The inaugural climate change workshop by the Mittal Institute at Harvard University, co-sponsored by The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability at Harvard University and Confederation of Indian industry, continued on Day 2 with thematic discussions on topics of heat, rainfall and floods, and energy transition in context of South Asia. Workshop speakers and participants included scientists, policy experts, government officials, industry and civil society members. The day progressed with rich discussions among audience, speakers, and panel chairs. The culminating session of the day highlighted the vision and the next steps for the Mittal Institute’s Climate Change Platform.

Prof. Satchit Balsari, of Harvard, who is co-leading the Mittal Institute’s Climate Initiative addressed the audience.

Highlights from the many interactive sessions and panels on Day 2 of the Mittal Institute’s Climate Change Workshop in New Delhi.

See the full workshop schedule below.