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2014 SAI Winter Session Grants

SAI has awarded 16 grants to support undergraduate and graduate projects over the Winter Session in January, 2014. These include 3 undergraduates, and 13 graduate students.

Projects include an internship at the UNDP Turtle and Village Conservation Project in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and dissertation research on the displacement of agriculture, forestland, and natural retention basins in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Full list of awarded students:

Graduate Students

Mou Banerjee, History, GSAS

Hindu and Muslim apologetics against evangelical Christianity in the Indian ecumene in the nineteenth century

Vineet Diwadkar, Landscape, Architecture, Urban Planning, GSD

Ethnography, video documentation and visualization seeking to model the systems that generate Mumbai’s particular urban form

Sahjabin Kabir, Design Studies, GSD

Dhakas transportation growth and its impact on the natural landscape and environment

Aparna Kamath, Global Health and Population, HSPH

Study of the players, provisions and programs shaping access to cancer care and treatment in India

Caitlin McKimmy, Master in Divinity, HDS

How do Tibetan refugees intertwine the notion of a ‘sacred homeland’ into their own biographical narratives of persecution and displacement?

Finnian Moore Gerety, South Asian Studies, GSAS

The contributions of Brahmin singers to the development of OM in early South Asia.

Johannah Murphy, Master in Divinity, HDS

Establish a leadership curriculum for young women in the slum of Dharavi

Yusuf Neggers, Public Policy, GSAS

Identify the impacts on voter behavior and electoral outcomes in elections to the Lok Sabha and state legislative assembly

Alexandra Raphel, Public Policy, HKS

Determine which pricing model would be optimal for the Aman Foundations private ambulance system service to be sustainable in Karachi

Haider Raza, Political and Economic Development, HKS

Evaluations for the Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit of the Punjab government in Pakistan

Justin Stern, Landscape, Architecture, Urban Planning, GSD

Innovations in urban design strategy that have corresponded with Jamshedpurs growth from a small and remote company town into a metropolis of nearly 1.4 million residents

Andrea Titus, Political and Economic Development, HKS

Determine which pricing model would be optimal for the Aman Foundations private ambulance system service to be sustainable in Karachi

Lydia Walker, History, GSAS

1964-1966 Peace Commission between the Indian Union government and Naga separatists under the auspices of the Naga Baptist Convention.


Undergraduate Students

Sabrina Ghouse, Social Studies, 2015

Internship at UNDP Turtle & Village Conservation Project, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Megan Prasad, Economics, 2015

Economically empowering widows in Bangalore, India by partnering with Awake India and Rotary Club

Inesha Premaratne, Government, 2015

Continued Work on GrowLanka, a mobile system designed to connect job seekers to potential employees