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The Mittal Institute has awarded 22 grants to support student projects over the Summer Session 2018. These include 17 graduate students and 5 undergraduate students who will travel to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and Pakistan for research and internships.



“Business Development Internship at Impact Guru”
Sahil Lauji, ’21

“Cancer Patients Aid Association Internship”
Jeyna Doshi, ’20

“Internship at the Harvard Business School India Research Center”
Frances Tercek, ’21



“Rohingya, Muslim, or Bengali?: Media, Power and Public Opinion in Myanmar”
Daniel Wood, ’19

“Senior Thesis on Perpetrator Motivations for Sexual Violence in the 1971 Pakistan-Bangladesh War”
Zuneera Shah, ’19



“Intermediate Mughal Persian Summer Language Program in Lucknow, India”
Peter Dziedzic, Masters of Divinity ’19

“Language Grant for AIIS Tamil Summer Program”
Yang Qu, Masters of Divinity ’19

“Summer Sanskrit Intensive at the Ranjung Yeshe Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal”
Louis Copplestone, PhD Candidate in Art & Architecture ’23



“Addressing the Severity and Geography of Child Protection Outcomes to Improve Health Equity: Lessons from Nepal using the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey”
Amiya Bhatia, ScD Candidate ’20

“A Literacy Intervention Using Cultural Resources of Linguistic Minority Indigenous Students”
Maung Nyeu, EdD Candidate ’20

“Becoming Rakhine: A Field Study of Religious and Ethnic Violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar”
Cresa Pugh, PhD Candidate in Sociology and Social Policy ’22

“Indians on the Move: Mobility, Dissent and Law in the Early Twentieth Century”
Hardeep Dhillon, PhD Candidate in History ’20

“Myanmar’s Transition at the Margins”
Courtney Wittekind, PhD Candidate in Anthropology ’22

“State-Building after Democratization: The Effect of Electoral Competition on Governance”
Natasha Murtaza, PhD Candidate in Government ’21

“Territories of Belonging: A Peoples History of Borders in Modern South Asia”
Aniket De, PhD Candidate in History ’22

“The Value of Electricity Reliability and the Distributional Incidence of Power Outages in India”
Kevin Rowe, PhD Candidate in Public Policy ’21

“To See the Invisible Wonders: Vision, Place, and Writing in Tibetan Pilgrimage Literature”
Catherine Hartmann, PhD Candidate in the Study of Religion ’19

“We are all Actors in the Performance: Power, Law, and the Media in the India-Nepal Borderland”
Kristen Zipperer, PhD Candidate in Anthropology ’22

“What is the New Dalit Middle Class, and What is its Relation to Development Discourses and Hindutva Politics?”
Kanishka Elupula, PhD Candidate in Anthropology ’19


“Children’s Art Museum of Nepal”
Edwin Leonardo Pãrraga, Masters of Education ’18

“The Bengal Institute for Architecture Landscapes and Settlements”
Andy Lee, Masters in Urban Planning ’19

“The Bengal Institute for Architecture Landscapes and Settlements”
Ciara Stein, Masters in Urban Planning ’19